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Safer Kids in Fridley, MN

“Better Coaches, Safer Kids” — Fridley Coaches are “Trusted Coaches”:

Leaders of Fridley Community Education, Fridley School District, and the Fridley Parks and Recreation Department have collaborated to create a memorandum of agreement with all youth sports associations under the umbrella of Fridley Youth Sports Association (FYSA). As of October 2, 2017, all youth sports programs that use fields and facilities in Fridley, MN are required to implement Trusted Coaches/Coaching for Change, an online training and screening process to ensure that all youth coaches are equipped to provide a safe and positive sporting experience. To kick start the updated compliance guidelines, Anoka County Health and Environmental Services provided a $5,000 grant.

This collaboration provide FYSA and youth coach compliance in the following areas:

  • 200 Trusted Coaches/Coaching for Change Memberships for all youth coaches in Fridley, MN.
  • Compliance of Minnesota State Concussion Law for youth coaches.
  • Compliance of necessary training and education for a youth coach (First-Aid training, Positive Coaching Alliance, Double-Goal Coach® character development course, Coaching for Change and a national background check), which minimizes the threat of harm or injury to young athletes
  • Compliance for Fridley Community Education, Fridley Public Schools ISD #14 and Fridley Parks and Recreation of all youth coaches using Fridley, MN facilities. Moreover, Trusted Coaches/Coaching for Change reduces risk and liability and aims to increase coaches’ effectiveness while enhancing players’ experiences.

Additional Benefits from the funding of Trusted Coaches/Coaching for Change (Coaches Education, Training and Screening) of Fridley Youth Coaches includes but not limited to;

  • Purchase of necessary and legitimate Youth Sports Organization Insurance for the Fridley Youth Sports Association (FYSA). This will protect everyone involved, promote best practices or what the standards are in youth sports and will reduce the risk and liability even more for all youth sports under the FYSA umbrella.
  • Creation of a Fridley Sports Association Central website that will allow for a “one stop shop” for every sport in the community.  Reduce the duplication of efforts and confusion within the city (i.e. one place for information)
  • Combined resources equals lower overall cost of administering all youth sports programs offered in Fridley, MN.
  • Fridley Youth Sports Association website will be connected to This will be helpful to connect all parents within ISD #14 who are already used to using this site to register their children for school activities, meals and community education classes. Utilizing this site will provide a platform to promote the use of Trusted Coaches, Coaching for Change and the compliance of all youth coaches within Fridley Youth Sports Association. Everyone participating will quickly gain confidence, credibility and awareness of the fact that the entities involved are providing a safe, positive and productive experience for the youth of Fridley, MN.

Fridley youth athletes deserve prepared and well-trained coaches while promoting a safe and secure environment. The Trusted Coaches platform offers essential training, education and screening necessary for a youth coach via a nationwide criminal background checkfirst-aid training, concussion instruction and Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach® character education course. The Trusted Coaches program is delivered exclusively online (promoting 100% compliance).

In addition to the four components above, Fridley youth coaches also completed the Coaching for Change online module. This course will enhance the capacity of youth coaches to promote skills which lead to gender equity, respect and healthy relationships. Coaching for Change, a game plan to prevent violence, offers tools to equip coaches and their athletes with tools to support the healthy development of young men and women and prevent sexual and relationships violence.

With the implementation of this updated education, training and screening process, youth coaches in Fridley are better equipped to coach youth sports in our community. For more information, contact: Stephen Keeler at 763-502-5106.