Trusted Coaches insight on how to coach kids. Two youth baseball players high five.


Trusted Coaches certified coach giving a young basketball player a hi-five

The Trusted Coaches program is a comprehensive risk management platform that offers essential training, education and screening necessary for a youth coach.   We offer several different courses in a combination of packages that may include a nationwide criminal background check‚ first-aid trainingconcussion instruction, child safety training and InsideOut Coaching- How youth sports can transform lives.  The Trusted Coaches program is delivered exclusively online (promoting 100% compliance) and provides the opportunity for a coach to complete the program at their own pace in the comfort of their own home.

Trusted Coaches is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization and was created by the fine folks at the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services and the Wisconsin Sports Services as a response to youth athletic associations’ need to train their coaches and protect their young athletes. Trusted Coaches has a staff of 25+ full time sports professionals that are immersed in the youth sports scene. We understand the challenges youth sports associations face on a day to day basis and have responded to those challenges by creating Trusted Coaches.

Trusted Coaches is an online platform specifically designed to save youth sports organizations, such as yours, both time and money. Trusted Coaches offers several packages, offering almost any combination of these essential components, customized to fit your organization's specific needs!

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