Nationwide Criminal Background Checks


Every part of the Trusted Coaches program is important, but none more than our Background Check Screening service.  Most organizations mandate that before any individual coaches a youth sports team, they must pass a Criminal Background Check.  Our service provider offers the largest collection of county, state and national criminal databases, including sex offender registries.  All background checks are processed in-house by our trained staff.

SECURITY NOTE:  All information is automatically uploaded to a secured FTP server. Absolutely NO sensitive information exists on the Trusted Coaches website the instant the background check has been submitted.

All coaches who apply to become a member of Trusted Coaches must submit to a background screen.  A background screen will be conducted on all applicants prior to completing their registration and thereafter, annually on all new members.  This background screen will verify the applicant’s Social Security number and address history, and will check their criminal conviction history throughout an individual’s lifetime.

In order to become or continue as a member of Trusted Coaches, the applicant may not have been convicted of a felony crime involving:

a)      a minor at any time

b)      the use, possession, or sale of a controlled substance

c)      the use or threatened use of violence against a person

d)      a sexual offense

e)      gambling

Background Check Policies (Printable Version)

Trusted Coaches Background Screening Process

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