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Minnesota Basketball Club endorses Trusted Coaches

Trusted Coaches Public Service Announcement with The Minnesota Hustle Basketball Club. Spring Lake Park, MN – Minnesota Hustle Basketball Club adopts the Trusted Coaches program.  Minnesota Hustle Basketball Club joins over 28,000 users that are being trained and educated by the Trusted Coaches program. Minnesota Hustle Basketball is committed to the development of all boys […]

Just a Black Eye or Something More Serious?

Sports that use a ball, puck, bat, stick or racquet such as baseball, hockey, lacrosse or basketball are considered high-risk sports that may require extra eye protection. When injury does occur, respond quickly for faster recovery and less eye trauma. As a preventive measure, sports physicals should include a complete eye exam with close attention […]

10 tips for dealing with knee pain

Knees. You might take yours for granted until you hurt one. Knee pain can quickly make common movements difficult or even excruciating. Bri Bren and Rob Himmerick are specialists when it comes to knees. Both are physical therapists with the Institute for Athletic Medicine and work with patients to help heal and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. […]

Nutrition for Peak Athletic Performance

Food is fuel to the body and plays an important role in preparing for participation in athletic events. Here are some nutrition tips to achieve peak performance whatever your sport. Do I really need to eat breakfast? Yes. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and helps to increase metabolism and improves concentration, […]

How to Manage an Ankle Sprain

By Laura Henn, ATC, PTA, CSCS A sprained ankle is the most common injury in sports requiring quick stops, sudden changes in direction and jumping. It can also happen when you awkwardly step on an uneven surface or step down at an angle. How It Happens Ankle sprains occur when the foot twists, rolls or […]

Overuse Injuries

Currently, there are more options for youth sports participation than ever; from alpine skiing to whitewater rafting, and everything in between. Despite the innumerable possibilities, the amount of children involved in sporting activity has seen a fairly substantial decrease in recent years. According to a 2015 report from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, the […]

Have You Heard About The New Safe Sport Act?

The Minnesota Youth Athletic Services, Trusted Coaches, and the Wisconsin Sports Services have been committed to providing our partners, the parent-volunteer youth sports associations, the best practices and standards in youth sport since 1991. Today is no different! In response to the Protecting Youth Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017, […]