Concussion Instruction

concussioniconConcussions are the most common type of traumatic brain injury and occur sporadically in youth sports. Continuing research regarding concussions suggests that long-term effects can be avoided if the symptoms are identified early and proper protocol is followed. Every state in the U.S. requires some type concussion training to be able to coach youth sports. Trusted Coaches has created a Concussion Training video to prepare coaches for handling any situation that would involve a possible concussion, along with a quiz to ensure the content from the video was absorbed.

The Trusted Coaches concussion video was produced by the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minnesota. Collaborating on the project were several medical experts from the Institute for Athletic Medicine. This video is designed to train youth coaches how to handle concussions, based on the industry-accepted standards produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC).

CDC. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC 24/7: Saving Lives. Protecting People.

Concussion Safety Laws in most states requires that the education is “consistent with the CDC standards”.  The concussion instruction Trusted Coaches provides is above the minimum requirement set forth by the CDC.

Approximate length of video: 16 Minutes
Quiz: 15 Questions

Printable Certificate available in Trusted Coaches’ Account and designated Organization Administrators Account.

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