FAQ’s for Administrators


Other organizations offer components of this program, but Trusted Coaches is the most comprehensive, time-efficient and cost-effective solution that emphasizes child development.

Youth Sports Organizations (YSO’s) will create an account, set up their season, select roles for coaches, and assign course to each coach based on their roles.  Our system if intuitive, and you set the parameters for when a coach needs a course based on the role you give them.  The entire process takes about 15 minutes to set up a season.

No, coaches are not required to complete annual background checks.  However, we consider it best practices, so we have added several options for YSO’s to renew their coaches background checks on an annual or semi-annual basis.

If they completed Trusted Coaches courses for another association, yes.  All you have to do as an administrator is claim that coach and if needed, add the courses for that coach they need to meet your association's requirements.

We will continue to develop sports specific training.  More information coming soon.

  • ANY Felony level conviction in last ten (10) years
  • More than one (1) Felony on Lifetime Criminal Record
  • ANY crime of a sexual nature
  • ANY crime resulting in loss of life
  • Multiple violent offenses (minimum of 3) on Lifetime Criminal Record
  • ANY Felony level Domestic Abuse convictions on Lifetime Criminal Record
    • More than one (1) lesser level domestic abuse convictions in last ten (10) years
  • Three or more DWI/OWI/DUI (alcohol related offenses) in last 10 years


Absolutely not, TC only looks into the crimes listed above!

Coaches are put through what we call a “Pre-Adverse” action period.  We notify the YSO what’s going on, and the coach has 10 days to refute the findings of the screen.  More details about how we handle this can be found on:  https://www.trustedcoaches.org/about/policies/

Yes, we call this “Mandatory Reporting”.  Trusted Coaches will report the following crimes to both the applicant and an applicant’s organization.  They include but are not limited to:

  • Any Felony conviction on Lifetime Criminal Record
  • Any Crime involving a minor on Lifetime Criminal Record
  • Crimes resulting in the conviction of a lesser level offense that may cause harm to a minor.
  • Providing an online repository capable of keeping track of coaches’ certifications and renewal dates, which can be checked by associations and parents
  • Helping coaches minimize the risk of injury to young athletes
  • Providing information about fundamental coaching concepts, which enhance volunteer coaches’ effectiveness.
  • Offering a “one-stop shop” for youth associations to deliver best practices education to their coaches

Courses start as low as $5 per coach.  Pricing is based on what a coach needs.  If their course is not expired, then you don't pay for it.  You determine expiration dates.  Concussion training is recommended to be renewed each year.  Best practices for background checks are to renew them every year for each volunteer!

We recommend setting a time limit for your coaches of 14 days to complete all of their coursework.

Each state may have a different set of requirements for concussion training, so you may want to consult your association for more information.

The courses are self-paced, meaning you can start and stop as you wish, so times will vary. However, each course should take between 20-30 minutes of continuous study.

The Trusted Coaches website contains a National Youth Coach Registry that will confirm the dates that coaches successfully completed the courses. This directory will be available to the public so travel directors and parents can check to insure that coaches’ education requirements are current.  Only YSO administrators will be able to invite and manager their coaches.

Absolutely!  Administrators can set up the season to manage the previous course completions of all coaches.  The system is intuitive and will recognize if a coach is missing any course work based on what courses the administrator assigns each coaching role!  If a coach has already complete the course in the timeline you chose, then you will not be charged to renew a course that does not need renewing.  Cha Ching!