FAQ’s for Administrators

1.     Are there other programs like this?

Other organizations offer components of this program, but Trusted Coaches is the most comprehensive, time-efficient and cost-effective solution that emphasizes child development.

2.     How does the application process work?

Youth Sports Organizations (YSO’s) will register and make payments online.  The YSO administrator then invites their coaches to participate.  They will be emailed a unique access code to get started with the registration process.

3.     Do you require annual background checks once a coach is a member?

No, coaches are not required to complete annual background checks.  However, we consider it best practices, so we have added several options for YSO’s to renew their coaches background check, paired with an educational offering. .

4.     One of my coaches has completed coach training for another sport, does that count for Trusted Coaches?

No, but we encourage other sports to collaborate.  We have created Trusted Coaches so that it may be used as an umbrella solution for YSO’s in one community to be able to collaborate with each other using one platform.  Once everyone is on the Trusted Coaches platform, they will only have to complete the required screening and education once per year!

5.     Does the Trusted Coaches program have sport specific training?

Yes, in 2017 we added USA Football’s Heads Up Football program.  We are in the process of developing more options.  If you organization has it’s own training, ask us how we might be able to incorporate it into our program so you can track and manage your coaches on one platform!

  • Note, coaches complete the coursework on the USA Football website.  Trusted Coaches then gets a report when they have completed the appropriate content, then we mark their progress as complete on the coaches and administrators portal.   Trusted Coaches is working with USA Football to have complete website integration in 2019.

6.     What does TC look for in background checks?

  • ANY Felony level conviction in last ten (10) years
  • More than one (1) Felony on Lifetime Criminal Record
  • ANY crime of a sexual nature
  • ANY crime resulting in loss of life
  • Multiple violent offenses (minimum of 3) on Lifetime Criminal Record
  • ANY Felony level Domestic Abuse convictions on Lifetime Criminal Record
    • More than one (1) lesser level domestic abuse convictions in last ten (10) years
  • Three or more DWI/OWI/DUI (alcohol related offenses) in last 10 years

7.     Will TC look into my financial history while performing a Background Check?

Absolutely not, TC only looks into the crimes listed above!

8.     If a coach fails their background check, how do you handle it?

Coaches are put through what we call a “Pre-Adverse” action period.  We notify the YSO what’s going on, and the coach has 15 days to refute the findings of the screen.  More details about how we handle this can be found on:  https://www.trustedcoaches.org/about/policies/

9.     What if a coach has a questionable background check, but passes your criteria.  Is the YSO notified?

Yes, we call this “Mandatory Reporting”.  Trusted Coaches will report the following crimes to both the applicant and an applicant’s organization.  They include but are not limited to:

  • Any Felony conviction on Lifetime Criminal Record
  • Any Crime involving a minor on Lifetime Criminal Record
  • Crimes resulting in the conviction of a lesser level offense that may cause harm to a minor.

10.  What are the primary benefits of the program?

  • Providing an online repository capable of keeping track of coaches’ certifications and renewal dates, which can be checked by associations and parents
  • Helping coaches minimize the risk of injury to young athletes
  • Providing information about fundamental coaching concepts, which enhance volunteer coaches’ effectiveness.
  • Offering a “one-stop shop” for youth associations to deliver best practices education to their coaches

11.  What is the cost?

This comprehensive package of coaching educational services would typically cost an individual or association $90-115 per person. However, because the MYAS can use its group purchasing power in assembling this coaching educational package, we will be able to charge just $35 for individuals.  Bulk discounts available, and YSO’s can customize purchases based on their needs.

12.  How long do I have to complete the coursework?

You will have 30 days from the day you receive access to the coursework. The first step is filling out the application and agreeing to the conditions of a national background check. You will then receive access to the coursework, and your 30-day timeline will begin.

13.  Is Trusted Coaches meant to be year-to-year training or is it good for multiple years?

It is good for three years and then must be renewed. Each state may have a different set of requirements for concussion training, so you may want to consult your association’s headquarters for more information. Our services are offered as an a la carte option for those that may need to update their training more frequently through the Trusted Coaches Renewal Center.

14.  How long does the training take to complete (approximately)?

The courses are self-paced, meaning you can start and stop as you wish, so times will vary. However, each course should take between 20-60 minutes of continuous study.

15.  Can you explain the record keeping of coach information and who will have access to it?

The Trusted Coaches website contains a National Youth Coach Registry that will confirm the dates that coaches successfully completed the courses. This directory will be available to the public so travel directors and parents can check to insure that coaches’ education requirements are current.  Only YSO administrators will be able to invite and manager their coaches.

16.  Can a baseball coach take the training and have it carry over to the basketball season?

Absolutely! The training is not sport-specific; rather it addresses a youth coach’s roles and responsibilities to the children, parents, their association, opponents, officials, etc. This program not only emphasizes making youth sports a safe and positive experience for young athletes, but it is also a family-building and community-building experience for everyone involved.