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Why Every Youth Coach Should Undergo Concussion Training

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Concussions are a serious concern in youth sports. As the individuals most directly involved in guiding young players, coaches have a critical role to play in preventing, detecting and managing these injuries. While many people who go into coaching have baseline familiarity with recognizing the symptoms of concussions, it’s essential for every youth coach to undergo concussion training. Here’s why: 

You’re the First Line of Defense

As a youth coach, you’re in charge of sports safety during practices and games alike. With proper training, coaches can learn the appropriate techniques and strategies to teach athletes that will minimize the risk of concussions. This training also helps you to foster a culture of safety, where players feel comfortable reporting symptoms and are discouraged from “playing through” a potential concussion.

Detection is Key for Timely Treatment

Often, concussions can go unnoticed or misdiagnosed, particularly in the heat of a game. Concussion training will equip you with the knowledge to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion. Early detection is key in preventing further harm and ensuring a proper recovery process.

Once a concussion has occurred, the next steps are crucial. Youth sports coaches with concussion training will know how to respond appropriately, including seeking immediate medical attention and ensuring that the athlete follows a carefully managed return-to-play protocol.

Your State May Require It

In some states and sports organizations, concussion training is mandated by law. Fulfilling your training obligations not only makes your team safer, but ensures your organization will stay in good standing enabling your athletes to play. 

Beyond legal requirements, training is also an ethical responsibility for anyone working with young athletes. Coaches owe it to their players to prioritize their health and safety above all else.

Do Right By Your Team

As you know, the game is important, but the wellbeing of the players is paramount. By undergoing concussion training, youth sports coaches are making a commitment to protect their players both now and in the future. Concussion training should be a non-negotiable part of every youth coach’s preparation.

Trusted Coaches is committed to making youth sports safer through training courses, background checks and our coach registry. 

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