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Recent Website Updates

Website Speed:  icon-speed

Have you noticed any recent website updates? The Trusted Coaches website is now cruising at light speed since moving to a WordPress optimized hosting platform that uses the latest available technologies in virtual hosting. The speed increases can be attributed to the optimization of the new platform specifically for WordPress, custom page caching technologies, and streamlined database queries. The site is now moving almost 400% faster with average page load times reduced by almost 7 seconds! The optimal browser for Trusted Coaches remains Google Chrome, which is 500% faster than Firefox and 500-600% faster than Internet Explorer when used with our website. Want to breeze through the website?  Download Chrome here… 

Background Check Submission Status:  

Organization Directors can now know whether a coach has submitted their background check for processing. By going to your ‘My Coaches’ table, when a coach submits their background check, the note “Submitted” will appear under the background check column. No more need to chase down coaches to complete their background checks!

Sent Coaches Invites Table for YSO Directors:  

This table was created to help Organization Directors keep track of the coaches that have been sent an invitation to become a member of Trusted Coaches. In the near future, this tool is planned to be integrated with the My Coaches table, with multi-functional features added as a way to make the YSO director’s life much easier.