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Partnership with PCA

The partnership between Minnesota Youth Athletic Services’ Trusted Coaches Program and Positive Coaching Alliance-Minnesota®(PCA-Minnesota) incorporates PCA’s Double-Goal Coach® Online Course into the suite of services Trusted Coaches offers, which also includes national criminal background checks and first-aid and concussion training.

“The Double-Goal Coach online training is our key educational component to our membership program,” said Dawson Blanck, Executive Director of Trusted Coaches. “By offering PCA materials as part of our coach training, we are able to deliver a professional education curriculum to customers that may not have access to PCA’s live training. For Trusted Coaches and PCA, this is a win-win relationship and we are excited to be moving forward with the leader in positive coach training.  As a trusted resource of PCA, we look to enhance this relationship as we expand our business across the country ”

The Trusted Coaches-PCA partnership also makes many other PCA resources available to our membership, including:

– PCA- Minnesota’s Live Workshops are led by PCA Trainers, who all have deep coaching (and often sports parenting) experience and are equipped with the latest research-based sports and educational psychology. PCA-Minnesota presented 118 live workshops in 2015! PCA-Minnesota Live Training is available at a discounted rate for associations that have already purchased Trusted Coaches memberships.  Click on this link to learn more:  PCA-Minnesota Live Training Link

– Free subscription to Talking Points, a weekly season-long series of e-mails providing key topics and points for coaches to discuss with their players, plus video commentary from PCA National Advisory Board Members.

– Free subscription to Sports Parent Conversation Starters, a 10-week series of e-mails to guide parents in discussion with their youth athletes on topics such as sportsmanship, helping their teammates and becoming more coachable.

– Free access to the 1,000+ free audio-video and printable tips and tools for youth and high school coaches, parents, student-athletes and administrators at