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Are your coaches Trusted Coaches?

What youth coach selection and training tools is your youth sports organization currently using? The Trusted Coaches ( Trusted Coaches Introductory video) educational program offers a nationwide background check as well as three other components that are fundamental to being a successful youth coach.

A 501 (c) (3) nonprofit Minnesota company (Minnesota Youth Athletic Services in Spring Lake Park) has developed a solution to administer your  risk management challenges on one online platform. The Trusted Coaches program is a comprehensive membership program that offers essential training, education and screening necessary for a youth coach via a  nationwide background check, ‚ first-aid training, ƒ concussion instruction and „ a PCA Double-Goal Coach® character education course. The Trusted Coaches program is delivered exclusively online and provides the opportunity for a coach to complete the program at their own pace in the comfort of their own home (please log on to

Trusted Coaches also minimizes the time and burden placed on board directors because it has developed Administrative Tools (including a convenient dashboard) that allow youth sports leaders to effortlessly monitor and manage their coaches’ training and development. These tools eliminate the hassle and time of collecting and maintaining any and all coach screening, training and educational paperwork and completion certificates.

The benefits that these  Participating Youth Sports Organizations see include:

  • powerful techniques presented by leading coaches and sports psychologists
  • necessary training, which minimizes the threat of harm or injury to young athletes
  • a “one-stop shop” for youth organizations to deliver best practices training to their coaches
  • a turnkey administrative system with an online repository that keeps track of coaches’ certifications and renewal dates

It is an extremely cost-effective program that promotes full participation for coaches, minimizes the risk for the organization and creates safer, better youth sports.

Prior to your first next board meeting, please do not hesitate to contact Dawson Blanck by email ( or by phone at 763-746-1719.  He can provide your Youth Sports Organization details about Trusted Coaches and why nearly 50 youth associations are participating in the program.  A“Review Account” is also available that will provide an individual the ability to get a bird’s eye view on what each component of the program is all about.