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Woodbury Athletic Association (MN) Proudly Displays Trusted Coaches Cards

In July of 2016,  Woodbury Athletic Association (WAA) in Woodbury, MN (one of the largest youth sports organizations in Minnesota) began utilizing Trusted Coaches and its platform for all of their youth coaches in the eight sports they administer.

Recently, it was determined by their Executive Board, to require all WAA coaches to wear their Trusted Coaches card on a lanyard when working with WAA athletes.  It has been the goal of Trusted Coaches since its inception to have coaches and their organizations use the Trusted Coaches Membership card as a tool for parents to gain confidence that their children are being coached by trained, educated and screened coaches.  We are proud to recognize WAA as the first association to publicly display the Trusted Coaches Membership cards.  Coaches gain a membership card after they have successfully completed and passed all 4 parts of the Trusted Coaches program (Concussion, First-Aid, Positive Coach Training, and a Nationwide Criminal Background Check) that are essential for a youth coach.

Longtime WAA Executive Director Gene Johnson provided some insight on their decision to use the Trusted Coaches card as a promotional tool:  “We evaluated the value of training our coaches and of course we place a very high value on the coaches.  We decided that we needed something to show that our coaches are trained and came up with the plan to have the coaches wear their Trusted Coaches badge on a WAA supplied lanyard so that parents can be rest assured that those individuals working with their children have been properly vetted. Now we will be undergoing  parent training sessions that will have them looking for the badge.  It is our hope to get all of our coaches wearing the badge and helping us to enforce the training standards that are achieved thru Trusted Coaches.”

Their association slogan has always been; “WAA, REMEMBER, “IT’S ABOUT ALL OF THE KIDS” and they are once again proving that with their recent plan to promote their participation in Trusted Coaches.

To find out more about the WAA and the dedication they have to youth sports, visit  their website at