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Trusted Coaches and USA Football Team Up to create a “One-Stop Shop”

Trusted Coaches and USA Football Team Up to create a "One-Stop Shop"

As the football program in your community finalizes registration for the 2018 season, Trusted Coaches wanted to share some exciting news that will greatly benefit your a football organization and reduce their time and burden! There is still time to protect your youth program this season.

USA Football and Trusted Coaches (TC) have teamed up to provide football specific training on the Trusted Coaches platform while also delivering core components of the TC program to all youth football organizations.

Trusted Coaches is extremely proud and excited to once again launch a partnership with USA Football in order to provide football specific training to our risk management platform. This will create a “one-stop shop” for a youth football organizations Risk Management and Coach Development.

USA Football Heads Up Football

The USA Football Youth Tackle Coach Certification give the training and certification in important health and safety issues along with the game’s fundamentals. Coaches will be trained on teaching the fundamentals of shoulder tackling and blocking in a safer and better way.

Working with leading football experts and medical professionals, USA Football developed Heads Up Football specifically to meet the needs of player safety. Heads Up Football entails the
commitment of youth football organizations that all coaches get USA Football Certified. Coaches can get certified in one of two ways:
• Completing the online Youth Tackle Certification or Re-certification
• Attending a USA Football Coaches Clinic and then completing an online quiz.

The key features of Heads Up Football do not change in the partnership, they are simply inserted into a football specific membership or package you choose with Trusted Coaches. You will still have all coaches completing USA Football’s Youth Tackle Coach Certification online or an in-person clinic on July 14th at the TCO Vikings Training Facility in Eagan. All payment will be processed through Trusted Coaches. No transaction is necessary with USA Football.

Besides the Trusted Coaches Football Membership and any custom membership  for your league or organization, your organization will also have flexible options to take advantage of any combination of the components offered through Trusted Coaches. Create your own package based on your organization’s needs.

Custom Packages – Football

  • Concussion Instruction: The Trusted Coaches concussion video designed to train youth coaches how to handle concussions based on the industry-accepted standards produced by the Centers for Disease Control. Collaborating on the project were several medical experts from the Institute for Athletic Medicine, including a key author of the 2011 Minnesota state concussion law.
  • Trusted Coaches Nationwide Criminal Background Check: utilizes the largest collection of county, state, and national criminal databases, including every state sex offender registry.
  •  First-Aid Course: designed to train youth coaches on the basics of first-aid, how to respond to common medical issues, when to return athletes to play, and when to call 911.
  • Youth Coach Character Education Course: A coach character development course that is filled with powerful coaching tools that are based on the latest in sports psychology research and reflect the best practices of elite coaches and athletes.

As mentioned above, if a football organization decides to utilize the Trusted Coaches Football Membership then all payment goes through Trusted Coaches. No transaction will be necessary with USA Football.  The costs vary depending on what package  your organization selects.  Packages range between $20-$45 per coach.

For any inquiries about a Trusted Coaches Football Membership/Package, do not hesitate to contact the individuals below:

Mike Cuzzone | | 630-433-6697
Dawson Blanck | | 763-746-1719