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STMA Youth Baseball Association builds a foundation

The St. Michael/Albertville Youth Baseball Association (STMA) recently made the important decision to hold their coaches to the highest standard and learn the essential components necessary to provide a safe environment for youth athletes.  STMA coaches are now Trusted Coaches.

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A long-time supporter of the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS), STMA Baseball has been a model for local youth sports in the state of Minnesota for some time now.  STMA’s latest decision solidifies importance of completing their risk management portfolio.

And it’s working.STMA9yearOlds

John Olson, President of STMA Baseball, wanted to share the following with any organization thinking about getting involved with Trusted Coaches:

“STMA Youth Baseball has always been a proponent of the Positive Coaching Alliance®(PCA).  The PCA stresses teaching the great game of baseball in the proper manner.  When done right the entire association benefits.  PCA gives you ideas on how important it is to be a coach that develops players and does it in a way where the players buy in.  PCA stresses that this must be done in a positive environment.  When this behavior is evident it becomes infectious and all of the teams in the association want to follow the lead.  Your associations culture is born.

Trusted Coaches has been able to bring the PCA and marry it with essentials such as first aid, concussion Training and a background check.  The videos were well done and provided all of our coaches with improved understanding of how to handle concussions and/or minor injuries on the field.

Any successful organization has to create principles they anchor to.  I believe Trusted Coaches creates a foundation that any association can build on.  I am at advocate for any youth sports association.”

The entire Trusted Coaches team welcomes the STMA Youth Baseball Association.

Thank you for your dedication to youth sports!