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Q & A with a Trusted Coach & Administrator

Member Spotlight With Matt Thornton

Q.  What youth sports organizations are you involved with?

A.  Boys and Girls Club youth football, La Crosse Central Basketball Association,

Shelby Youth Ball.

Q.  You work in a very unique sports industry, please explain what you do?

A.   We take people to Major League Baseball games all over the country.  The company is Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours and 2017 will be our 35th year.

Q.  What are your roles with those associations?

A. 4th grade football coach for BGC, 4th grade basketball coach for LCBA, 10 & Under coach and President for SYB.

Q.  How many years have you been involved in coaching?

A.  Eight years.

Q.  How many years have you been involved in coaching administration? 

A.  Four years.

Q.  Why did you decide to get into coaching?

A. I saw it as a way of “giving back” to the community because I had great coaches when I was a youth and they helped develop me in many ways.  Plus I get to spend time with my son.

Q.  What part of coaching do you find most fulfilling?

A. Seeing the improvement of the kids on an individual and team level.

Q.  What advice would you give first-time parents about getting into coaching?

A. Be patient.  Remember the age level you are coaching and remember it is a privilege to be able to coach any kid at any level.

Q.  How did the Trusted Coaches program help you as a coach?

A. Trusted Coaches help to educate me on what to look for and how to deal with injuries.  It also reminded me of what is important in youth sports – that the kids have an enjoyable experience and want to continue playing.

Q.  How did the Trusted Coaches program help you as an administrator? 

A. Trusted Coaches was a great tool to help educate our coaches/parents on many different aspects of coaching that they/we were not exposed to, such as injuries and positive coaching.

Q.  What advice would you give associations that are considering sending their coaches through the Trusted Coaches program? 

A. Do it!!  There is so much good information for all coaches – from the beginner coach to the most experienced coach; Trusted Coaches will make all of them better coaches.

Q.  Who is your favorite college or professional team? 

A. college – Oklahoma Sooners

pro teams – Chicago Cubs and Dallas Cowboys

Q.  If you could pick the brain of one person (alive or not) in regards to coaching, who would that be and why?   What would you ask them? 

A. Tom Landry – my favorite Dallas Cowboy coach.  I would ask him how do you keep players motivated after they have achieved great success.

Matt was interviewed for his part in bringing Trusted Coaches to Wisconsin.  Click here to watch that video!