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How to present Trusted Coaches to your program

You are attending a youth sports event and you overhear other parents in the stands talking about a new online youth coach’s education program. You are intrigued by this verification program and find out that it offers four components which include a first-aid and concussion training course, Positive Coaching Alliance “Double Goal” coaches’ character education course and a nationwide background check.

As a youth coach, you recognize that these essential training and educational tools is the exact thing that you and the rest of the coaches in your youth sports organization need. You see that the benefits of this program for your youth sports organization include:

  • leading coaches and sports psychologists presenting powerful techniques, which increases the coach’s effectiveness while enhancing the players’ experiences;
  • training, which minimizes the risk of harm or injury to young athletes;
  • a “one-stop shop” for youth organizations to deliver best practices training to their coaches;
  • a turnkey administrative system with an online repository that keeps track of coaches’ certifications and renewal dates.

Whether you are a coach, parent and/or an individual who sits on the board for your local youth sports organization you can help present the Trusted Coaches program. The challenge is how do you get your youth sports organization to adopt this verification program for its coaches?

Trusted Coaches has developed key marketing tools to help you present the program. Videos and brochures with instructional graphics are very helpful aids which explain easy steps to implement the program. Send your organization’s Board of Directors or administrators the following links to the:

  1. Trusted Coaches Introductory video
  2. Channel 9 Trusted Coaches video
  3. Tri-Fold
  4. Administrative Tools pdf.
  5. Getting Started Tutorial pdf.
  6. Promo Flyer

A “Review Account” is also available upon request. This account provides potential administrators the ability to get a bird’s eye view of each component and the content of the site.

You may also direct your organizational leader’s or administrator’s contact information to Dawson Blanck, Trusted Coaches Executive Director, at or 763-746-1719. The Trusted Coaches staff will quickly respond with the appropriated materials and will be available to answer your organizations questions.