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Northfield Youth Baseball values the Trusted Coaches Program

Northfield Youth BaseballIn March, the Northfield Youth Baseball Association began utilizing Trusted Coaches for the training, education and screening of their coaches. They now have 100 coaches that have successfully completed the First-Aid Training, Concussion Instruction, Double Goal Coach character development course and passed a nationwide criminal background check.  We are excited to welcome in another youth baseball organization who is committed to providing a safe, positive and productive environment for all of their participants.

A well respected member of the youth baseball community in Minnesota, Mike Glampe, provided feedback from an administrators perspective of Trusted Coaches. He has worn many hats over the years for Northfield Youth Baseball and is currently the President of the Association.

I am very impressed with the Trusted Coaches program.  I think the online training is easy to navigate and the information is presented very well.  I particularly like the PCA training and the available coaches resources.  There are many excellent techniques and suggestions, for coaches at all levels, to use in a variety of situations.  The NYBA has promoted the ‘dual goal coach’ idea for many years.  The PCA training reinforces this idea and provides many great resources to achieve this goal.  

The first aid training and concussion training were also presented very well.  I thought the videos available during the training helped with better understanding of the material.

Another feature I like is the ability to track current concussion training and background checks of all our coaches.  Having the data in one place is very convenient and an easy way to be sure everyone is up to date.  

Creating a positive environment for our youth athletes is an ongoing commitment.  I think the Trusted Coaches program and all the great features will be a great asset in this process.  

Mike Glampe – NYBA 

Here are a few other testimonials from individuals involved in the Northfield Youth Baseball Association:

I was very impressed with the training videos.  The comprehensive nature of the curriculum is very important for new and veteran coaches alike.  I particularly liked the first aid and Positive Coaching Alliance modules.  The basic first aid information helps to keep us up to date on “state of the art” techniques, especially since we don’t have trainers at the games.  The Positive Coaching Alliance training will help in the ongoing culture setting in our organization.  Having everyone review this module really helps to align coaches with what we think is important, techniques to deal with difficult situations, and creating a common language across our coaches, players and teams to make participation in our association a positive experience for everyone.  

Art Monaghan – 11U coach, NYBA Board Member

[One of the] things I liked was the emphasis on teaching the sport you coach.  Winning isn’t as important as player development and understanding the game. The positive 5:1 ratio is a huge one to remember for all coaches, and its how it said that matters.  We need to get our parents on board with this too. We all need to remember to emphasize the learning of the sport and de-emphasize the the over all wins and losses number.  We prepare for our sport for our children/athletes to win, but when it comes to playing the game we have to let them play it at that time and coach and teach after in practice to become better.

Brent Rauk – 12U coach, Northfield High School Junior Varsity Coach


Thank you Northfield Youth Baseball for your commitment to “Better Coaches and Safer Kids!”