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Background Checks Can Prevent Hiring the Wrong Coach

So you are getting ready to sign your kid up for a fall sports program. This is great – you have an hour to go shopping while your kid gets to run around and play his favorite sport. As you are shopping, you begin to wonder who the new coach was. He wasn’t there last year. Worry starts to sink in, as you didn’t introduce yourself and you think about his background. Has he had proper coach training? Has he had a background check?

No need to worry, because the youth sports association he belongs to uses Trusted Coaches to train their coaches and run national background checks. But, the question still lingers – do all of your kid’s sports associations use Trusted Coaches? It really can make a difference. Our national background check will produce a criminal history of each coach, including any sexual offences, for each state. The background checks are effective and would identify issues that would prevent a coach from being hired.

Think it can’t happen to your kid? Think again. A bowling coach in Union, Missouri, had a previous record of child molestation and somehow was hired anyway. He was on the sex offender registry, but still managed to get hired and then…molested another kid. (Link to report:  Bowling Coach)

The Trusted Coaches program would have helped to ensure he didn’t get hired. Ask your association to sign up with Trusted Coaches – it will give you peace of mind!