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Positive Coaches Do Make A Difference

Youth sports coach working with young soccer players - Trusted Coaches

We’ve all witnessed it: a coach berating a player in the dugout or on the playing field. It’s embarrassing for the coach, humiliating for the parent, and can ruin a kid very quickly. It doesn’t have to be that way, and sometimes it just takes a little training.

Trusted Coaches has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance® to deliver a fine-tuned training experience for your coaches. The PCA video and quiz are included in our 4-part process, and should take less than an hour to complete.

Negative coaching happens at every level. This spring, a southern California baseball coach was suspended after screaming obscenities for 17 minutes as his team was reeling from a loss (click here for the news report of this incident: Some of us may not know how to control our emotions, or we let them get the best of us. The PCA “Double Goal Coaching” program will make a big difference and will help you learn to be a role model as a positive coach.