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New Tool Released to Keep Track of Your Coaches

As part of an ongoing effort to add new features to the Trusted Coaches website, the Trusted Coaches Team just added a new tool to make your job as a Coach Administrator easier.  We would like to make you aware of a new tool we have built that will allow you to keep track of who you have invited to complete the TC program.  We introduce the new “Sent Invites Table”!

When logged in and upon clicking on the “Send Coach Invites”, you’ll notice a new tab titled “View Sent Invites”.  This table displays the Coaches name, e-mail address and date the Invite was sent.  We feel this is important for admins to know who they have invited and when.  The table will allow users to filter by Coupon Code and also Export the data to an Excel Spreadsheet for accurate record-keeping.

Click on the image below to see how easy the table is to use.

Sent Coach Invites Table

Note: the names and e-mail addresses in this image are fictitious and are only used for demonstration purposes.