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USA Football Grant

Spring Lake Park, MN – Trusted Coaches is an organization making a difference in the lives of youth athletes, right here in Minnesota. Not only has Trusted Coaches trained thousands of youth coaches through their interactive website, they have also helped some local youth football organizations receive equipment grants through USA Football.

This year’s grant recipient was Hopkins Youth Football League.  The donation will be used to purchase new equipment specifically for preseason player development.  Hopkins Youth Football is a member of the Lake Minnetonka Athletic Association who utilizes Trusted Coaches to ensure player safety by providing coaches with the training and education they need to be successful.

Trusted Coaches was created by Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) as a response to youth athletic associations need to train coaches and protect young athletes. The Trusted Coaches program includes first-aid training, concussion instruction, positive coach training and a nationwide criminal background check. Other programs are available via a la cart and can be customized to meet the needs of an organization.

A key component to the Trusted Coaches program is managed with a state-of-the art website that includes a national registry for tracking. The website package allows parents to track their coaches and determine if they are certified Trusted Coaches. The website is also a great tool for associations to be able to track the progress of their coaches as they go through the coach education program, delivered entirely online.