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Lake Minnetonka Athletic Association positively impacts their football league in 2017!

The Lake Minnetonka Athletic Association (LMAA) is a youth football league dedicated to helping young athletes in grades 3rd through 8th to learn the fundamentals of football, learn the value of teamwork and have fun doing it. The LMAA was established in 1961, serving as the governing board for the youth football programs of its member/area organizations:  Edina, St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Minnetonka, Orono, Wayzata and Maple Grove.

The USA Football partnership allowed us to set up two custom packages for the 500+ coaches from the Lake Minnetonka Athletic Association which is made up of  seven youth football organizations.

In 2017, Trusted Coaches forged a partnership with Lake Minnetonka Athletic Association to provide two customized educational membership packages for nearly 500 Youth Football Coaches from seven communities . The educational packages included concussion instruction, Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Double-Goal Coach® education course, a nationwide criminal background check and the USA Football Heads Up Football Membership. Upon successfully completing the required courses, each coach received a custom Membership Trusted Coaches/USA Football Membership Card complete with the Trusted Coaches, LMAA and USA Football logos.

Details of these packages:

  1. Tier I and Tier II Custom Packages were created specifically for LMAA.
  2. Custom LMAA Membership Card ID (complete with Trusted Coaches, USA Football and LMAA logos), lanyard and ID holder that was made mandatory for all coaches in order to gain access on the sideline during any youth football game through LMAA.
  3. Each Youth Football Organization had the ability to easily invite, track and manage all of their coaches within their association. The LMAA President and VP had access to tracking and managing all youth football coaches from the seven communities. This fostered 100% compliance and without a doubt reduced the risk and liability of everyone participating in the LMAA. It also gave the parents peace of  mind, knowing that their football organization and the league were requiring training, screening and education for their youth football coaches.

Trusted Coaches is proud of the shared mission with LMAA. We look forward to working with them in years to come.

“The Lake Minnetonka Athletic Association (LMAA) is a large organization, made up of 7 districts.  The LMAA has always placed a high degree of importance on our coaches and the safety they bring to the field.  To that end, background checks, concussion training and USA Football certification have always been very important to us.  When we learned Trusted Coaches was putting together a program imbedding those components into their own Positive Coaching (PCA) and first-aid training certification, we jumped at the opportunity.  The PCA curriculum has always been solid and spot-on and now we had a method to roll that into our program without over burdening our coaches and organizations with yet another touch point and coaching requirement.  We are always looking for the most effective and comprehensive methods / tools to utilize with our coaches (500+).  With the capability of combining these resources, enabling the organization to effectively track and monitor coaches progress, it became a no-brainer.  It was a very effective tool and one that we look forward to leveraging in the years to come.”

Jason Pitts, LMAA President


Trusted Coaches delivers high-quality content to educate America’s coaches and ensure the safety of their youth athletes, while offering organizations tools to track and manage their

Trusted Coaches and USA Football teamed up to provide football specific training on the Trusted Coaches platform while also delivering core components of the TC program in order to create a “one-stop” shop to all youth football organizations. Since the release of the partnership in April, 2017, over 850 coaches from 32 Youth Football Organization have completed the Heads Up Tackle Coach Certification through the Trusted Coaches program. Trusted Coaches has sold nearly 1,300 units of the Heads Up Football Program. The Trusted Coaches team is excited to launch an even stronger partnership with USA Football in 2018 and beyond.

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