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Impact of Trusted Coaches – Breaking down the numbers…

Impact of Trusted Coaches - Breaking down the numbers

Impact of Trusted CoachesSometimes it’s hard to put a number on what type of impact and influence Trusted Coaches is having on the youth sports community in the short time it has been available for public consumption.  Well, our number crunchers did just that, and conservatively, here is the data.

  • Coaches in training: 64,000+
  • Athletes positively impacted: 833,000+ (average team size across all sports services is roughly 13)
  • Parents and guardians with peace of mind (average family in America is 3.14 persons): 2.6 million +
  • Over 23,000 coaches trained on the Safe Sport Act, preventing and recognizing child abuse in youth sports
  • Total number of people positively impacted by Trusted Coaches: 1.62 Million

  • 140+ youth basketball association’s coaches trained
  • 85+ youth baseball association’s coaches trained
  • 80+ youth football association’s coaches trained
  • Additional coaches have been trained through organizations that offer soccer, football, softball, gymnastics, lacrosse, track and field and more
  • 350 youth sports associations and counting have put their trust in Trusted Coaches
  • 10 community umbrella youth sports associations offering multiple sports have put faith in the Trusted Coaches program to provide fail-safe risk management for all of their youth athletic programs. This equates to over 5,000 coaches
  • Countless number of officials positively impacted by better coaching

The most important thing beyond these numbers is that Trusted Coaches is helping provide a safe, positive and productive experience for today’s youth athlete.  The mission of Better Coaches and Safer Kids is what motivates the Trusted Coaches team everyday!

Check back in a few months to see how the numbers grow!