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Fall is Time To Renew Your Coach’s Memberships! 

Trusted Coaches Year 3 Renewal Center is now available online!!!  Our Year 3 renewal program includes an annual nationwide criminal background check and the next e-learning module of our Peak Performance series titled, Dynamic Warm-Up & Strength Training.  This optional product offering is for Trusted Coaches in the 3rd year of their membership. This would be applicable for associations/organizations that purchased Trusted Coaches Memberships in 2015.
A Trusted Coach has the responsibility to protect and develop young athletes to the best of their ability. Understanding how athletes should properly warm-up and condition their bodies for competition is essential and can help to prevent injuries. At only $10, this is a great price for your risk management solutions. The Renewal Center is available in your Trusted Coaches Administrative Account.  To renew your Year 2 and Year 3 coaches, login to get started.