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Do You Need a Refresher Course?

Need a Refresher Course?

Do you need a refresher course in coaching? When was the last time you coached? Do you remember all the materials you learned the first time you went through the Trusted Coaches program? Well, the good news is you don’t have to pay for a refresher! As long as your membership is up to date (3 years from issue date), you can access all of the content on the Trusted Coaches website. This includes the concussion training and first-aid video, and the Positive Coaching Alliance® (PCA) online workshop. You also have access to the Coaches Resources Center, which can be found under your “My Account” page. This includes information for first-year coaches, a Leaders and Administrators section, all of the PCA material, some valuable information on safety and health, plus so much more. You must be logged in to access this wealth of material.

Now is the time when many coaches are getting back onto the fields and courts of play, and many of us need a little refresher. I just began coaching my son’s baseball team this week, so I have gone back through a lot of the TC material to make sure I was prepared to work with a team of 8-year old baseball players. It gave me confidence in knowing the material, and it got me fired up about the season. Go ahead and access the Trusted Coaches content anytime – it’s yours to use for the duration of your Trusted Coaches membership!