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Crystal Lake Little League Adopts Trusted Coaches

Crystal Lake Little League Baseball (CLLLB) is using the entire Trusted Coaches program for their coach training, but also using the first-aid training and the Trusted Coaches nation-wide criminal background check for their other volunteers.  That has drastically improved the process of their safety director, reducing his time to manually input a ton of data. We are proud to partner with CLLLB to help simplify their processes, all one one platform.

I can not say enough about Trusted Coaches. Prior to finding Trusted Coaches our program would have disorganized meetings with volunteers going over safety training and background checks. Volunteers would hand out vital information for background checks to be handled only by another volunteer. Now there is one place to do all of this right from your couch. Coaches and volunteers get invites to take the safety training and background checks and that information is with one trusted source. Its important to our league to keep our kids safe with the best volunteers, and Trusted Coaches has enabled us to insure that. I would recommend to any league or program!!”

Safety officer

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