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Trusted Coaches – Perfect fit for Blaine Area Little League

Blain-BallTrusted Coaches is excited to welcome Blaine Area Little League (B.A.L.L), MN. We are proud to provide a “one-stop shop” solution for their entire organization and community.

The President of B.A.L.L, Chris Bentrott, recently shared this testimonial about Trusted Coaches:


“We have over 200 coaches who have gone through the Trusted Coaches training program.  We were excited to offer this program to our coaches and families this year.  We felt it was a good value and long term investment in our program and our community.  The Trusted Coaches training is able to give us all of the coaches training we need in one stop.  This is a more cost effective method to get our required background check and concussion training and also offers the additional components of first aid training and Positive Coaching Alliance training.  We have been looking for a way to incorporate the Positive Coaches Alliance program into what we do, and this was a perfect fit for us.  It was easier to administrate than our old system with all of the information on all coaches in one report.  Long term it will save our returning coaches time, while offering more comprehensive training.    With other youth sports programs in our area using this system, this will also give our multi-sport coaches a head start on training for their next season.”

B.A.L.L now understand the benefits of Trusted Coaches, which include:

Comprehensive Training through Trusted Coaches that provides necessary training and education that are fundamental to becoming a positive youth coach.

Cost Effective Background screening and Concussion Instruction while enhancing their offering with the addition of First-Aid Training and Positive Coaching Alliance.

Collaborate with other youth sports organization in the community which places all youth coaches on one platform.