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Attention all Baseball and Softball Trusted Coaches: IAM Thrower’s Program

Hey Coaches, do you need a refresher course in the skills and development of your athletes throwing techniques?  Do you have that one kid that can bring the heat, but their form makes you wonder how they don’t hurt themselves?  Then refer them to the Institute for Athletic Medicine for some refinement of their throwing skills.

 The Institute for Athletic Medicine (IAM) offers a full range of sports and orthopedic services for people of all ages and fitness levels. Their providers treat all types of orthopedic injuries and work with patients to manage chronic conditions related to muscles, bones and joints. IAM supplied the healthcare experts (doctors, certified athletic trainers and physical therapists) featured in the concussion instruction first-aid training videos. The Institute for Athletic Medicine/Fairview is the exclusive medical expert for Trusted Coaches.

If you are a Trusted Coach and are about to coach Baseball or Softball, please check out the IAM Thrower’s Program.

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