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100% Coach Compliance

Protecting your Youth Sports Organization

Pop Warner, the nation’s largest youth football program, recently settled a lawsuit filed by the family of a former player who was paralyzed in a Pop Warner state championship game in 2013. The settlement amount was believed to have been over a million dollars. Pop Warner settled due to the following:

  • A judge rejected the argument that the community association’s pre-participation waiver acknowledging the dangers of football, signed by the boy’s mother, should eliminate Pop Warner’s culpability.
  • The head coach started the Pop Warner “coaching education” program but admitted that he never followed through with it. The assistant coach defended the teaching of the dangerous “head first” tackling method that caused the permanent paralysis.
  • It was revealed that the national office of Pop Warner, despite advertising that it is a “safety-first” organization, has no mechanism to check whether the coaches actually receive the training.

Pop Warner’s failure to assure 100% Coach Compliance in its coaching education program led to a catastrophic accident and a huge monetary settlement that almost bankrupted the organization.

Any youth sports organization should be paying attention to this case. If an organization makes representations about safety or training, it had better be true. Good risk management means that if you know of risks in youth sports, you must take all reasonable precautions to make sure those risks are mitigated – starting with the selection and training of coaches.

The Minnesota Youth Athletic Services, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit company with over 25 years of history administering youth sports, has developed a solution to promote 100% coach compliance of necessary training and education for youth coaches. The Trusted Coaches program is a comprehensive membership program that offers essential training, education, and screening necessary for a youth coach via a nationwide background check‚ first-aid training, concussion instruction and Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach® character education course. The Trusted Coaches program is delivered exclusively online and provides the opportunity for a coach to complete the program at their own pace in the comfort of their own home. Please log on to to learn more.

Trusted Coaches also minimizes the time and burden placed on boards of directors because it has developed Administrative Tools (including a convenient dashboard) that allow youth sports leaders to effortlessly monitor and manage their coaches’ training and development. These tools eliminate the hassle and time of collecting and maintaining any and all coach screening, training and educational paperwork and completion certificates. These added features and tools provided to the administrator of youth sports organizations guarantee 100% compliance by their coaches.

The benefits of Trusted Coaches that help promote compliance for an entire organization include:

  • powerful techniques presented by leading coaches and sports psychologists;
  • necessary training, which minimizes the threat of harm or injury to young athletes;
  • a “one-stop shop” for youth organizations to deliver best practices training to their coaches;
  • a turnkey administrative system with an online repository that keeps track of coaches’ certifications and renewal dates.

It is an extremely cost-effective program that promotes full participation for coaches, minimizes the risk for the organization and creates safer, better youth sports.

TC is expert-designed and is an affordable solution that makes it easy for youth sports organizations to provide the best sports experience possible. The total fee per coach is $25.00-$35.00 (a $95.00 value if purchased separately) for a three-year membership. (Total fees are based on the volume purchased.)

In addition, The Peak Performance Video Series and a nationwide criminal background check are also available for coaches in years two and three of their membership for $10.00 per coach.

If you would like more information about the Trusted Coaches program, do not hesitate to contact Dawson Blanck (TC Executive Director) at or 763-746-1719.