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Nationwide Criminal Background Checks

Trusted Coaches uses criminal databases that are both national and local, such as local county sex offender registries and most wanted records. Our process includes the following:

  1. Correctly identifying our client, and once properly identified;
  2. Conducting a comprehensive criminal background check
  3. Use additional FCRA Solutions to verify criminal records
  4. Follow FCRA standards to ensure a legal and fair experience for our consumers.

Our background checks are intended to alert associations to individuals who have a past record and who could be a danger to children. Background checks are not a 100% guarantee that someone has not committed or will not commit a crime against children, but is intended to identify persons who have already shown a tendency toward those crimes

Concussion Instruction

The Trusted Coaches concussion module was designed to train youth coaches how to handle concussions based on the industry-accepted standards produced by the Centers for Disease Control. The video concludes with a quiz. Upon successful completion, a printable concussion certificate is available to the coach and the administrator.

Collaborating on the project were several medical experts from the Institute for Athletic Medicine, including a key author of the 2011 Minnesota state concussion law.

First-Aid Training

The Trusted Coaches first-aid training is designed to train youth coaches on the basics of first aid, how to respond to common medical issues, when to return athletes to play, and when to call 911. The video concludes with a quiz. Upon successful completion, a printable first-aid training certificate is available to the coach and the administrator.

InSideOut Coaching

This elearning module empowers coaches to transform the current “win-at-all-costs” interscholastic sports culture where the value is too often defined by the scoreboard, to a culture that defines and promotes sports as a human growth experience. InSideOut Coaching takes coaches on an InSideOut Journey to: Understand what character is and how it is formed, recognize why coaching character is important, understand the difference between moral and performance character, and to create a transformational purpose statement.  Your character determines your coaching and your coaching demonstrates your character.

Positive Coaching Alliance – Double-Goal Coach® – Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons

This Positive Coaching Alliance® (PCA) Double-Goal Coach® course is filled with powerful coaching tools that are based on the latest in sports psychology research and reflect the best practices of elite coaches and athletes such as Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers, Dusty Baker and Brandi Chastain.

A Trusted Coach completes the course as PCA-certified Double-Goal Coach®, knowing how to:

  • Coach for Mastery of Sport (Not Just Scoreboard Results);
  • Fill Emotional Tanks (Developing Positive Self-Esteem);
  • Honor the Game (Teaching Sportsmanship).

A printable certificate of completion is available to the coach and the administrator.


Trusted Coaches Child Safety Training Program

The Minnesota Youth Athletic Services, Trusted Coaches, and the Wisconsin Sports Services have been committed to providing our partners, the parent-volunteer youth sports associations, the best practices and standards in youth sport since 1991. Today is no different! In response to the Protecting Youth Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017, we are launching our Trusted Coaches Child Safety Course to meet the needs of this act through our Trusted Coaches platform. Members of the MYAS/Trusted Coaches staff have been determining the scope of this federal law and whether it does in fact affect the community based parent-volunteer youth sports associations and not just national governing bodies for youth sports. As more education is provided about this law, it is our belief that every association with youth athletes participating in their programs must abide by the Safe Sport Act.  Cost for the Trusted Coaches Child Safety Training Course will be $5 and is available on our products page now at

USA Football/Heads Up Football Program

The USA Football Youth Tackle Coach Certification provides training and certification in important health and safety issues along with the game’s fundamentals. Coaches will be trained on teaching the fundamentals of shoulder tackling and blocking in a safer and better way.

Player Safety Coach: Appointed by your organization, the designated Player Safety Coach will ensure compliance with Heads Up Football player safety protocols, coach certification and continuing education with coaches, players and parents.

Coaching for Change- A Game Plan to Prevent Violence (Optional)

This interactive on-line training provides coaches on the ground examples of how to recognize and address issues of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, teen dating violence and domestic violence. The training focuses on the primary prevention of these behaviors by introducing skill and strategies which create a team culture of gender equity and respect. This online course has been made mandatory by the Minnesota State High School League for their high school coaches’ licensure. The community/youth version of Coaching for Change has been made available to Trusted Coaches organizations.

National Coaches Registry for Members of Trusted Coaches

After successfully completing all four components of the Trusted Coaches program, each verified coach will be placed in a National Coaches Registry on the Trusted Coaches website that will include their picture and will indicate the coach’s renewal dates for background checks and concussion training.

Annual Background Check/Continuing Education (OPTIONAL)

Trusted Coaches offers annual background checks for coaches in the second and third year of their Trusted Coaches membership. The background check also features the Peak Performance Series videos as continuing education for coaches. Collaborating on the videos were several sports medicine experts from the Institute for Athletic Medicine. The cost is $10.00 per coach.

Note: This offering was developed in response to requests made by a number of youth sports organizations that have established an Annual Background Check Policy. A Continuing Education component was built into this service to further the education of youth coaches. This service provided another vehicle to emphasize the MYAS 501(c)(3) nonprofit status based on an educational foundation.

Online Resources 2Trusted Coaches Resource Center

The Trusted Coaches Resource Center provides our members the added benefit of easy accessibility to high-value training materials and helpful instruction. This will serve as a central clearinghouse for cutting-edge coaching methods and best practices for administrators.
Recently, we added a wealth of coaching material to this members-only section. If you are a member of Trusted Coaches, you can access the Trusted Coaches Coach Resource Center Here