Sean Jensen partners with MYAS and Trusted Coaches as a contributor

MYAS and Trusted Coaches coaches, parents, and partners: My name is Sean Jensen, and I originally moved to Minnesota in 1999 to cover the Minnesota Vikings for the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

When he hired me, my sports editor told me, “Sean, you’ll be here two years tops.” He expected me to leave the paper for ESPN or the New York Times. I was fortunate to get interviewed at both places within a year, but the Pioneer Press treated me great, I loved covering the Vikings, and I enjoyed Minnesota.

Fast forward 21 years, and I’m still here!

Minnesota is home for me, my wife, our two children and dog, a cockapoo who was born and bred in Kevin McHale’s hometown.

I got out of journalism in 2013, but my passion for storytelling remains. I am the author of the children’s book series, The Middle School Rules, which tells the defining childhood stories of professional athletes. I am also an inspirational speaker, contributor to NBC Sports’ Sports Engine and the host a youth sports podcast, Winning Is Not Everything.

I am excited to partner with MYAS and Trusted Coaches to share some stories, lessons and interviews with all of you. Do not hesitate to email me with any questions!

— Sean Jensen

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To contact me, feel free to engage with me via my Middle School Rules website, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.