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Did you know that 70% of kids quit sports by age 13? The average age kids quit is 11 years old. The #1 reason why kids quit sports is because they’re not having fun anymore. Well-meaning parents & coaches are accidentally sucking the fun out of sports and they don’t even realize it.

The Iceberg System

  • Organizations have fewer conflicts and complaints because hot button issues like playing time, team selection, and player development are addressed.

  • Parents understand what things hurt their child’s youth sports experience and what things often strain parent-athlete relationships.

  • Coaches recognize the actions that accidentally crush an athlete’s confidence or steal their love for the game

Who Is The Iceberg System For?

The Iceberg System is designed for youth sports organizations. The parents & coaches of 3rd-8th grade athletes take one 30-minute course per year.  Parents & coaches progress through the curriculum as their athlete continues to participate in your organization.

Get Free Access To Season 1

If your association schedules a 10-minute Zoom demonstration of The Iceberg System for your board, all board members will be given free access to the first course – Season 1: The Foundation.

You’ll be able to fully vet The Iceberg System and determine if it’s the right fit for your youth sports organization. Plus, you’ll discover how to make your own child’s youth sports experience better this season.

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Drama-Free Youth Sports Organizations

Grab the free guide…and learn how to cut conflicts, slash complaints, and keep kids playing season after season (5-minute read).

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