The Challenge of Recruiting and Training Good Coaches


The Trusted Coaches team has well over 100 years of combined experience serving in leadership positions for youth sports organizations. Various members have held titles such as Executive Director, President, Vice President, Area Director, Travel Director, Coaching Coordinator, Tryout Supervisor, etc. Team member expertise is primarily with community-based programs that employ volunteer coaches. Each team […]

Educating and Training Great Youth Coaches

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A Youth Sports Administrator’s Responsibility Sports provide the ultimate emotional highs and lows for participants and spectators alike. Youth sports are full of “teachable moments” about teamwork, psychological resilience, character development, building relationships and other life lessons. These types of teachable moments can’t be found in the classroom. Most parents recognize and endorse the positive […]

Youth Coaching Content is More Important Than Decibels


“You never realize the value of coaching until your children play for a coach.” – Coach Don Meyer Nearly everyone has been to youth sports events where parents complain bitterly about how loud their child’s coach is. Some youth coaches are very loud, seemingly overly enthusiastic and many times annoying, especially to parents of young […]

How to present Trusted Coaches to your program

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You are attending a youth sports event and you overhear other parents in the stands talking about a new online youth coach’s education program. You are intrigued by this verification program and find out that it offers four components which include a first-aid and concussion training course, Positive Coaching Alliance “Double Goal” coaches’ character education course […]

Trusted Coaches Welcomes Elk River Youth Baseball!


Recently, Elk River Youth Baseball Association (MN) purchased 55 seats for their 2015 Youth Baseball Coaches. On behalf of the Trusted Coaches team, we would like to welcome all the coaches from Elk River to this unique program that provides the most up-to-date training tools necessary at your finger tips. Testimonial from Jim Brown, President of […]

Concussions Among Prep Athletes


The Institute of Medicine released a report in the fall of 2013 about sports-related concussions in youth athletes. Football had the highest rate of concussion per 10,000 athletes at 11.2, as should be expected. In most sports where both boys and girls participated, girls suffered a higher rate of concussion than boys. Sports that have […]

Positive Coaches Do Make A Difference


We’ve all witnessed it: a coach berating a player in the dugout or on the playing field. It’s embarrassing for the coach, humiliating for the parent, and can ruin a kid very quickly. It doesn’t have to be that way, and sometimes it just takes a little training. Trusted Coaches has partnered with Positive Coaching […]