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Admins, please don’t send existing coaches the same code twice!  If they originally registered with you, you can’t send the same code again.  Please renew existing coaches in the renewal center.  Thank you!  

Need to print completion certificates for your coaches?  You can do that for all of their courses in the “My Coaches” tab.  Any questions, let us know.

Admins, do you have existing coaches that need our child safety course or other courses.  Check out the Renewal Center.  You can add a limited number of courses for existing coaches there!


Need a tutorial to better understand the tools in your dashboard?  Check these out:


NEW!  Child Safety Training Course – Available Now

Since youth sports organizations are required to comply with this new law, many are looking for ways to make sure their organization is covered from a liability perspective. In fact, organizations could face up to a $150,000 fine for failing to provide training to their coaches.


Existing Coaches

To add the course to coaches that are registered and in your “roster” of “My Coaches”, simply log in to your Admin account and choose the Child Safety Course in the Renewal Center.  Select all coaches that are required by your organization to complete the Child Safety Training. The course will automatically be enabled on the coaches’ account(s).
Help Guide for Existing Coaches

New Coaches

Any coach that isn’t already a registered member (redeemed a code and created a user account) will need a code sent to them to complete this course.  You may order the Child Safety course for new coaches by logging into your Admin account and ordering from the Products page.
Help Guide for New Coaches


Would you like to add the Trusted Coaches logos to your webpage to share with your parents and the community so they know that your are dedicated to youth sports safety?  Click on this link to go to our logo and instructional page.


Once coaches are in your dashboard, then you can determine the package your roster of coaches need. You can find coaches that should be in your system under the Claim a Coach Tab.

Trusted Coaches Public Service Announcement with Chad Greenway