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Preventing Lateral Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are common injuries that plague athletes of all ages in all sports. Most ankle sprains result in damage to the lateral (outside) ligaments. Ankle sprains account for around 15% of all youth athlete injuries each year.1 They are the second most common diagnosis in the youth population behind head/face injury or concussion.1 Activities […]

The Importance of Resistance Training for Athletes

If you were looking for one thing to take away from this article I think we can sum it up in one sentence: Resistance training is the most important mode of training to improve sports performance.  Resistance training (can be referred to as strength training) is the use of weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance […]

Why is a Dynamic Warm-up Important for Performance?

Many coaches and athletes are consistently searching for the best ways to improve sport performance. While there is constant debate over techniques for boosting sport specific speed, power and strength, I believe we tend to overlook the importance of a comprehensive warm-up, and the role it plays in optimizing performance in each workout, practice and […]


How do I prevent an ACL inury? Pre-practice and pre-game dynamic warm-up routines Must perform at least 3X/week for 6 weeks to be effective (although sports medicine professionals would recommend before every practice and every game) Work with a sports certified specialist to gain strength in core and hip musculature What does program look like? […]