Background Checks

Trusted Coaches Background Check Process                                                                                             

  1. Correctly identifying our client, and once properly identified
  2. Conducting a comprehensive criminal background check (see steps below)
  3. Use additional FCRA Solutions to verify criminal records
  4. Follow FCRA standards to ensure a legal and fair experience for our consumers.


All steps in the screening process ensure verification of our findings. Below is an outline of the process Trusted Coaches uses to verify our findings.

  • Trusted Coaches searches for the individual using vital information provided on the background check application. Note: screener DOES NOT proceed with the criminal background screen until we have 100% verified we are conducting a search on the correct individual.
  • Social Security Trace.
  • Data verified includes, but is not limited to, full name (alias, maiden, etc.), current address, address history, date of birth, SS#, and any additional criteria needed to proceed with the screen.
  • Once person is properly identified, screener verifies the applicant is the correct individual and conducts a criminal background screening. Screen is conducted using applicant’s given name, plus any former names and aliases that may have been found during the individual’s verification
  • A re-screen is conducted if our employee screener does not find any criminal records on the verified applicant using all aliases, last name variations, maiden names, and other generic data. The purpose of this step is to make an attempt to discover omitted information by the applicant and to ensure that false information was not used on his or her application. Does your Background Check Company Do That???
  • FCRA Solution: When information is obtained through the screen that indicates the verified person has a criminal history that does not fit our membership criteria, we acquire court records on that individual from the arresting agency, county courts, state courts, etc.
    • This due diligence allows the screener to complete a background screen beyond our criminal database search. Court records provide vital information on the circumstances of the crime, and help to verify that the original information obtained from the search engine check was correct.
  • If it has been verified that the applicant has failed to meet our published criteria, we send the verified applicant an adverse action letter with their background screen included following the standards set forth in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The applicant has 15 calendar days to refute the findings of the screen, or to accept the letter and be denied membership from Trusted Coaches.
  • When a verified applicant has been sent an adverse action letter, the Youth Sports Organization (YSO) they volunteer for will be notified that their coach is “Under Review”. The YSO reserves the right to view the findings of the background check at any time.
  • If the verified applicant has been denied membership (at the conclusion of the appeal process), both the individual and the YSO will be sent a membership denial letter indicating why the applicant has been denied membership.


Note: Databases of criminal records are used in the Trusted Coaches processes to red flag coaches that do not meet our criteria. Once a coach is flagged, then Trusted Coaches uses additional resources and court records to verify and update the original report.