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Concussions: Myth vs. Fact

What is a concussion? A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) that occurs from a direct blow or bump to the head. It can also result from a blow to another part of the body when the force travels to the head. A concussion can affect coordination, learning, memory, and emotions. Most concussions heal without […]

Chad’s Story

A coach can have a real impact on a child’d life. A trusted mentor who is also a coach can have a life changing impact on that child. Check out this amazing and powerful short film on how the impact of a positive coach changed Chad’s life!  Click here to watch the video!

Blizzard and Trusted Coaches Announce Partnership!

Trusted Coaches partners with the Minnesota Blizzard The Trusted Coaches program is proud to be partnering with the top baseball program in Minnesota – the Minnesota Blizzard Elite. Starting this year, all of the Minnesota Blizzard Academy’s instructors and coaches will be certified through our Trusted Coaches program, a comprehensive membership that offers essential training, […]