Archive | May, 2016

STMA Youth Baseball Association builds a foundation

The St. Michael/Albertville Youth Baseball Association (STMA) recently made the important decision to hold their coaches to the highest standard and learn the essential components necessary to provide a safe environment for youth athletes.  STMA coaches are now Trusted Coaches. A long-time supporter of the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS), STMA Baseball has been a […]

Northfield Youth Baseball values the Trusted Coaches Program

In March, the Northfield Youth Baseball Association began utilizing Trusted Coaches for the training, education and screening of their coaches. They now have 100 coaches that have successfully completed the First-Aid Training, Concussion Instruction, Double Goal Coach character development course and passed a nationwide criminal background check.  We are excited to welcome in another youth baseball organization […]

Positive Coaching Alliance names Trusted Coaches as a Trusted Resource

Trusted Resources – Positive Coaching Alliance Trusted Coaches is excited to announce that Positive Coaching Alliance has named Trusted Coaches  as a Trusted Resource throughout the country.  We are proud of the continued partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance and the opportunity they gave us to deliver their character development course to every Trusted Coach in Minnesota and across the […]

Do You Need a Refresher Course?

Need a Refresher Course? Do you need a refresher course in coaching? When was the last time you coached? Do you remember all the materials you learned the first time you went through the Trusted Coaches program? Well, the good news is you don’t have to pay for a refresher! As long as your membership […]

Trusted Coaches Visits Louisiana Recreation and Park Association

Trusted Coaches and the Louisiana Recreation and Park Association (LRPA) has formed a relationship to provide coach training for LRPA members.  Last week Executive Director Dawson Blanck and Marketing  Director Brian Meeter conducted an educational secession at the LRPA annual conference in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  With attendees from all over the state, the Trusted Coaches […]

Do Something!

Do Something! A recent article in the Chicago Daily Herald told of a coach who had abused a wrestler 40 years ago and to date, nothing has been done at the state level to help prevent it from happening again. This occurred in Illinois, and the Illinois High School Association has not yet put any […]